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Chenlong . Annual meeting - Together to seek win-win development and create a future!(Hits:) 
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In January 23, 2017, the group "force Chenlong sawing machine and development, and win-win future" as the theme of the 2016 annual summary and commendation conference held in the multifunctional hall, four floor, Chenlong sawing machine mechanical and intelligent, Acer, Kyushu Chenlong rubber home staff, research partners (Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University) representatives and dealers etc. participate in the summary commendation cum Gala, spent a happy and unforgettable night.

In the first year in recognition of the work of the outstanding performance of the special staff, awarded the advanced employees, sales champion, technical experts award, artisan Spirit Award, technical backbone award and top-notch talent award 6 Awards, group leaders and guests awarded certificates and prizes for them, encourage them to guard against arrogance and rashness, in the new a year and play an exemplary role, and make new contributions, and on behalf of the winning speech.

The annual meeting of group company general manager Ding Xiasheng: Chenlong sawing machine, a mechanical general manager Ma Huihui, vice chief Wang Qi, Kyushu Acer general manager song Jianding rubber were summarized and work planning report in 2017 2016 annual operating results and obtained the.

Finally, the Group Chairman Ding Zelin Chenlong sawing machine made fully affirmed the achievements of 2016. In 2016, under the joint efforts of all the staff of the group, the company has made great progress in various undertakings. In the face of the economic slowdown, overcapacity and other complex situations, Chenlong to enhance product quality as the center, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve production technology, the construction of personnel training system, strengthening the management of the foundation, the company has stabilized. 2017, in the new era full of opportunities and challenges, efforts and development, win-win future, we should take the land of the heart, the heart of gold, the fire of the heart, heart, heart and treasure to enhance our realm, customer oriented, in order to "quality first" as the core to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, Chenlong products, the courage to meet new challenges, create more brilliant in 2017.

A short break, all employees have a hearty dinner, everyone to drink to celebrate the 2016 harvest.

A song by a machine, Chenlong sawing machine, Acer rubber with a chorus of "dragon Kyushu home song" opened "joint development, win a future" theme party curtain.

Dance with me "old driver" passion, unrestrained performance applause, the audience boiling; "BBK" to sing the song you warm inside, exciting and encouraging feelings; elaborate sketch "syndrome", "mobile phone", "ballet group roll up your sleeves and go", sitcom humor one came to laughter and applause;

The next morning star winners of the songs "the little girl and the dog" cute "golden rooster"; opera - concentrated essence, quintessence of sonic booms four; songsspun "seaman" amazing "worth; it" out of everyone's heart passionate, creative, "black and white" leg relaxation the degree of poetry ";" believe that the future full of strength and appeal;

Classical dance "beautiful woman" romantic, warm and beautiful. The party program brilliant climax. Finally, the sales team's skit won the performance award.

The party also interspersed among the 7 apple, Haier washing machine, Joyoung intelligent temperature control electric thermos, Korean modern health pot many years will award from the grand prize 1, 3 prize, two prize 8, third-prize 60, lucky prize 80, especially the grand prize of the extraction that is off the audience climax, the final home of the family from Kyushu grand prize (Iphone 7).

Time flies, time shuttle in 2016, quietly in the past, we review the glory and the harvest; 2017 has come, we full of morale and hope, from all the people in the morning line and the new year dry gas sleeve! !

Here, I wish you all the best in the coming year

Everything is going smoothly. Sanyangkaitai.

Fortune 66: a bumper grain harvest seasons

Good luck when all is said and done an awe-inspiring reputation extending in every direction

Everything goes well


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