18 the fourth plenary session of the meeting today With the rule of law as the theme for the first time(Hits:) 
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Beijing BEIJING, October 20 (Xinhua): eighth session of the Fourth Plenary Session held today, "the rule of law in China" material out of top-level design

reporters Kan Feng

today, the 18th CCP Fourth plenary session will be held in Beijing. This is China's reform and opening up, the CPC for the first time to the "rule of law" as the theme of the Central Committee.

after "rule of law" Basic Strategy proposed more than a decade, analysts said the meeting or draw a new road map for the "rule of law in China" for the top-level design, the rule of law reform escort, and judicial reform, anti-corruption "cure" and other topics will be the focus of public opinion to observe the meeting.

first focusing rule of law, "the rule of law in China" welcome top-level design

according to September 30 meeting of the CPC Political Bureau meeting revealed the news, eighth Fourth the plenary session is 20 to 23 October. The Politburo meeting after July 29, the topic had been identified in the Fourth Plenary Session eighth session will focus on "Promoting the rule of law research on major issues."

that since the reform and opening up, the latest meeting time once the Fourth Plenary Session, the CCP is the first time the rule of law as a central theme since the reform and opening plenary session.

November 18th CCP opened the Third Plenary Session of China comprehensively deepen reforms of the big screen. After the plenary meeting, the first plenary session focused rule of law, attracted media attention at home and abroad.

from the CPC congress that "rule of law" has been the basic strategy of 17 years. 17 years, China in the rule of law nation-building has made obvious achievements, but, at present, China's legal system and regulation system loopholes missing, the concept of social rule of law is still relatively weak, official abuse of power, have occurred when people moral anomie.

Some analysts said, eighteen Third Plenary Session modernize national governance systems and governance, and the rule of law system is the most important national system of governance, the rule of law is the most important ability of national governance . Achieve governance modernization, "rule of law" need to upgrade to version 2.0. Comprehensive deepening the reform era, safeguard social fairness and justice, security reforms landing effective, the rule of law also requires escort.

Politburo meeting Sept. 30 disclosure, the eighth session of the Fourth Plenary Session considered and adopted "the CPC Central Committee decided to comprehensively promote the rule of law on a number of major issues." Public opinion analysis, building the rule of law in China, to scientific legislation, strict law enforcement and fair administration of justice, national law, or the meeting will be given top-level design. Specific topics for the meeting, international media for the eighth session of the Fourth Plenary

prospective analysis of judicial reform and anti-corruption "cure" cited concern

of Justice promoting reform and anti-corruption system, the focus of public opinion can be described as two of the most concern.

eighth session of the Third Plenary Session of the judicial reforms made an important deployment, after the reorganization of the newly established central deep, it has been held five meetings, two meetings have reviewed and approved the judicial reform the relevant documents. Wherein, in the middle of deep restructuring of the third meeting, it adopted the "framework of views on a number of issues of judicial system reform" and "Shanghai judicial reform pilot program."

Subsequently, judicial reform six pilot provinces and cities quickly start around improving judicial personnel classification management, improve judicial accountability, improve job security and judicial personnel, and promote local courts below the provincial procuratorate unified management of human, financial and other four elements, and orderly conduct.

however, as a comprehensive deepening reform of "Hard", has entered a crucial stage of judicial reform, the judicial localization, the administration of justice how to get rid effectively; how to run judicial reform promotion; how to prevent miscarriages of justice, so that people in each case a judicial felt justice ...... look forward to a series of reforms puzzles more specific system planning.

In addition, the "rule of law" as the central theme of the plenary session of the Chinese Communist Party's ruling How law, strictly administering the party has made a new deployment, which is another focus of public concern.

CPC eighteen years, starting with eight predetermined straighten style, "Tiger shot flies" as the theme of anti-corruption storm promote high pressure, deep Communist party strictly initiatives public support and praise.

corruption need to solve the problem, how to build a more complete system of power "cage", how to achieve a more effective monitoring system "not rot '' can not rot," "do not want to rot." ...... planning corruption "root" of the road, leading to many people for the meeting a great look.

meeting or part relates to personnel issues

rule of law in addition to the core issues, personnel issues may be involved in the meeting were also concerned about some of the media.

Fourth Plenary Session held on the eve of the official notification, alternate member of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the eighth, the former Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, former secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Wan Qingliang serious discipline issues filing review.

informed that, "Having considered the Central Commission for Discipline Standing Committee study and report to the Politburo meeting, decided to give Wan Qingliang expelled from the party, dismissed from action; it is suspected of crimes and clues transferred to judicial organs according to law. to give its expelled from the party when the central committee ratify the plenary session to be held. "

eighteen been sacked in anti-corruption storm eighth central committee has Jiang Jiemin, Li Dongsheng, central Committee alternate member has reached five people: Pan Yiyang, Li City, Wang Yongchun, Wan Qingliang and Chen Chuan-ping. Of them, Jiang Jiemin, Li Dongsheng, Li City, Wang Yongchun, Wan Qingliang has been "double-open."

according to "The Communist Party of China Constitution" for members of the Central Committee and the local levels, alternate member, give removal from Party posts, probation or expulsion from the Party, must be located by me the plenary of the Committee majority decision over two-thirds. In special cases, you can start with the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and local levels to make decisions, to ratify the Committee's plenary session to be held.

analysis and forecasting, eighteen Fourth Plenary Session will be formally considered by the CCDI or five people to review the report on Jiang Jiemin, Li Dongsheng, Li City, Wang Yongchun, Wan Qingliang, to ratify the previous related sanctions and to withdraw their central committee or central committee alternate positions.

the same time, in accordance with the "constitution" stipulates that the Central Committee vacancy, by the Central Committee alternate members in accordance with the number of votes by which they were elected. Currently, the eighth Central Committee alternate in the top two are the National Bureau of Statistics Ma Jiantang and the State Administration for Religious Affairs Wang Zuoan.

In addition, July 29, will be held in the official said on October 18 the day of the Fourth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee decided to Zhou Yongkang serious disciplinary problems on file to review the news be announced. After a lapse of nearly three months, whether this relates to the Fourth Plenary Session topics will also concern the case of Zhou Yongkang. (End)
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