Strong lips girl, associate professor: I'm single old man don't care that shit(Hits:) 
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Chengdu commercial daily reporter LanJing & have spentRecently, some netizens released photos, refers to the sichuan fine arts institute, an associate professor wang arrow when eating in a "strong lips" two young students, wang arrows have issued an apology, said "it is wrong to drink and misconduct", the school made a deal with this too.However, in the opinion of storm king of arrows, have a dinner event in chengdu yesterday, grinning from ear to ear, does not seem to be affected by the event, still drink with friend hug, a meeting。

After dinner, wang arrow had an interview with the chengdu commercial daily reporter, said he, "and students have been like a buddy", "social" this is normal.

Last night, in a club near the three holy township is located in chengdu, dinner is a art activity.A spot in the hall, king arrow sat in the middle.He was wearing a red T-shirt and beige slacks.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter at the scene to see, king arrow spirit is very sufficient gas, loud noise, does not seem to be influenced by network events, always be happy in the whole dinner, also did not deliberately low-key or avoidance, instead, take the initiative to mention this topic, from time to time with my friends.

a few boys also come forward to embrace him, wang arrows return to a big kiss.And several claims to be its students set of girls, take the initiative to hug and kiss the king arrows.

the parties to a conversation

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: looks like your mood is good, are not under the influence of the network events?

king arrow: you can tell them (network), those things I don't care.Said the "why, I just want to see me this bunch of friends, those who break things...

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: the students here also hug and embrace to you?

king arrow: we get along like a friend like a buddy, not letter you ask for my brother.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: you think you are "against"?

king arrow: we don't speak these, servant these private matter what to do, I am a single old man.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: are you single?

king arrow: I'm single, not cheat you.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: but, after all, you are a teacher.

king arrow: and do nothing, and are both retired early...Don't say.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: after you communicate with the two girls?

king arrow: you try to comfort them.

the chengdu commercial daily reporter: they are not working in your site?

king arrow: nonsense, all don't know them.


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